At Honest1, our top-of-the-line front and full-alignments are performed by highly trained ASE certified mechanics and technicians using state-of-the-art calibration diagnostic systems.


To ensure the safety of you, your passengers, and your car or truck, it is important to schedule regular wheel alignments.   A regularly scheduled wheel alignment can help maintain the longevity of your tires as well as keep your car driving safely.

Honest1 understands the importance of location when considering alignment services. When you search for alignment services near me, we want to be your best choice even if we aren’t the nearest choice. Honest1 will provide you with the best experience, highest quality of service, and back it all with the industry’s best 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty on our parts and labor.



Tire alignment is the adjustment of the car's suspension system to its proper angles. An alignment check will look at different components to determine the need, if any, for an alignment. 


Toe: looking down on your tires, the inward or outward direction of the wheels

Camber: looking directly towards your tires from the front, the top or bottom of the tire tilting inwards

Caster: looking from the side of your car or truck, the degree of the steering axis

Thrust Angle: the imaginary perpendicular line between the front and rear axles. This is measured with a four-wheel alignment


When an alignment check is performed by our ASE certified mechanics and technicians, you will receive a printout of the alignment check findings to determine if an alignment is needed. 


Though our mechanics can perform an alignment check, there are ways that you can determine if an alignment might be needed. 




  • Crooked steering wheel while driving straight

  • Car is pulling/drifting to the left or right

  • Uneven wear on the tire treads

  • The steering wheel is vibrating while driving




  • Frequent driving over potholes or rough roads

  • After hitting a curb or parking barrier


In addition to front-end alignments and full tire alignments, Honest1 also offers a 1, 2, and 3-year alignment warranties which allow you to bring your vehicle back for a set number of alignments over a period of time.

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