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Is your car slow to start or even not starting, but your dashboard lights are on? This can be indicative of a battery problem in your vehicle. 


Honest1 ASE certified mechanics and technicians can properly test, diagnose, and repair issues with the battery and starting system of your car or truck. Our highly skilled mechanics will test your battery, and we will only recommend the services needed to get you back on the road.

Honest1 understands the importance of location when considering battery services. When you search for battery services near me, we want to be your best choice even if we aren’t the nearest choice. Honest1 will provide you with the best experience, and the highest quality of service.

Some warning signs you may observe in your vehicle;




  • Slow Starting Engine

  • Dash Lights Are On, But Car Is Not Starting

  • Dim Lights 

  • Corrosion On The Battery Terminals

  • Older Battery (3+ years)


Though the battery is what gives your car the initial jolt of energy to start, there are two other main components that go hand-in-hand with the battery: the starter and the alternator. At Honest1, our mechanics and technicians can properly diagnose any additional problems with your starter or alternator to prevent future repairs. 




The battery does not work alone in running your car. Though the battery is what starts your vehicle, the alternator is what helps keep the battery charged while running and supplies energy to critical components of your car or truck. The components running from the alternator is everything in the electrical system, including, but not limited to:


  • Headlights

  • Power seats

  • Radio

  • Interior lights

  • Exterior lights


Typically, a bad alternator follows the same signs of a bad battery, but can also include


  • The battery warning light is on (this is the light on the dashboard that looks like a battery)

  • Weakened electrical components

  • Your car or truck, not starting even with a new battery




The most common way to determine if an alternator is needed instead of a battery is when your car turns off quickly after being jump-started. Typically, when an alternator is going bad, your car or truck can make it a small amount of time on battery life but will need an alternator replaced to avoid the need for towing a car.  



The battery of your car works with the starter to get your engine running. The starter consists of a motor and solenoid. The solenoid works with the battery to safely transmit the energy needed to the starter motor to start your car. The "cranking" or "clicking" noise you hear when starting your car is the starter. 


When a starter goes bad and needs to be replaced, your car will not be able to start, no matter if the battery is good or bad. The most common way to know you need a new starter is when your engine is not cranking/clicking when you turn the key of your ignition or hit the start button.


Still not sure if it's time to replace your battery? Stop by today to get your FREE battery health test at the Honest1 nearest you.

Battery Services near me

  • ​Full 3 year / 36,000 Mile Warranty*

          *some exclusions apply, refer to warranty documentation

  • Free 24hr Roadside Assistance (Ask for Details)

  • Complimentary Customer Shuttle

  • Eco-Friendly Auto Care

  • All Makes & Models

  • Same-Day Service On Most Vehicles

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

  • Family Friendly Facilities

  • Children's Play Areas

  • No Appointment Needed

  • Internet Cafe & Free Wifi

  • Complimentary Beverages

  • Free Local Pick-Up & Delivery

  • Discounted Rental Cars Available In Most Locations

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