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The first step in increasing your vehicle's longevity is making sure it is properly maintained through manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance. 


Included with every purchased service at Honest1, is a comprehensive digital vehicle health inspection performed by an ASE certified mechanic or technician. Our health inspection highlights the necessary areas of your car that can be fixed with proper maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. In addition to our best-in-class health inspection, Honest1 offers all types of maintenance from belt replacement to alignments.

Honest1 understands the importance of location when considering maintenance services. When you search for maintenance services near me, we want to be your best choice even if we aren’t the nearest choice. Honest1 will provide you with the best experience, highest quality of service, and back it all with the industry’s best 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty on our parts and labor.



Each car manual has a suggested maintenance schedule. Referring to this schedule will help guide decisions on your best course of action for your specific vehicle. Though the suggested maintenance schedule is a good starting point, there are two other main factors when it comes to maintenance: 


  • Driving styles

  • Climate


Using your car's specific maintenance schedule in addition to a thorough inspection of your vehicle by our trusted mechanics and technicians, as well as your driving habits will help you pinpoint a more accurate maintenance plan for your vehicle.





A regular oil change helps your engine run smooth and should be done every 3,000 miles, at a minimum depending on the oil your car takes. Routine oil changes are a necessary, and very cost-effective, way to ensure your vehicle's engine is lubricated, cooled and reduces the friction caused by normal use. Getting regular oil changes is a small price to pay to avoid expensive engine repairs. ​

View more information about our oil changes HERE.



Regular alignments will help avoid unnecessary wear on your tires as well as keep your car driving smooth. 

View more information about our alignment options HERE.



An important safety feature that should never be overlooked. Honest1 can perform a full inspection to ensure you only replace and repair what is needed. 

View more information about our brake repairs HERE.



The heart of the electrical system, that helps start your car. Your battery should be replaced every few years.

View more information about our battery replacements HERE.



Honest1 mechanics and technicians will replace your fuel filter and remove buildup on your car’s fuel lines and injectors. Regularly cleaning your fuel system helps prevent low gas mileage, keeps your car running smooth, and avoids a costly catalytic converter replacement. 



A car tune-up is a type of preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to perform well. A tune-up is typically regularly scheduled -- once a year is a very soft rule of thumb -- and offers the chance for you to get all of the preventive maintenance your car needs at that time.


When you have a tune-up performed, it will typically include the replacement of several important wear-and-tear parts. Getting a car tune-up regularly will help you maintain your car's performance and extend its life.



Coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid,  should all be checked on a regular basis to ensure there are no leaks and your car is not burning any of the fluids.



Rotating tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles is recommended to ensure even wear on all tires. During a tire rotation, the front tires are brought to the back and vice versa. At the same time, the tires are given weights to maintain balance.



The serpentine belt, also known as an accessory belt, is a belt that runs throughout your entire engine to help power components such as the alternator, water pump, compressor and more. This should be regularly checked for cracks, wear and tear, and replaced as needed.



From air filters to windshield wipers, all of your accessories should be maintained and replaced on a regular basis.

Vehicle Maintenance Services near me

  • ​Full 3 year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

  • Free 24hr Roadside Assistance (Ask for Details)

  • Complimentary Customer Shuttle

  • Eco-Friendly Auto Care

  • All Makes & Models

  • Same-Day Service On Most Vehicles

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

  • Family Friendly Facilities

  • Children's Play Areas

  • No Appointment Needed

  • Internet Cafe & Free Wifi

  • Complimentary Beverages

  • Free Local Pick-Up & Delivery

  • Discounted Rental Cars Available In Most Locations

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